Why install halo headlights: style and 3 other reasons

Halo Headlights

Ever since their introduction on the BWM 5 series in 2001, halo headlights have been attracting tons of attention and gaining more and more popularity day after day. Currently, you can see stylish angel eyes on plenty of vehicles, including Mercedes, Lexus, as well as some other makes. According to the common, widespread opinion, halos have a merely decorative function. Yet, it is not exactly so. Even though most drivers choose to install halos due to the unique look they offer, such headlights have several other functions. In particular, halos are perfect for city drivers, as they offer a chance to optimize energy consumption during the day and night. Among other advantages of halo lights, one should mention a wide product selection (for more info, see CARiD halo selection at http://www.carid.com/halo-headlights.html), simple installation and maintenance. Now, let's go into detail.

Halo headlights as daytime running lights

While using halos as the daytime running lights (which are at times essential), you get a perfect amount of lighting - just as much as you actually need - some extra light and that's it. You will no longer need to switch on your headlights during the dusk/dawn, as halos will give you just enough light for driving in the fog, rain, or light storm during the day.

Halo headlights for highway driving at night

Halo headlights are also suitable for driving at night, as city roads are usually illuminated enough already. However, angel eyes will give you even more light - just as much as you need and will not use much of your car battery life.

Optimizing energy consumption with halos

So, as you might have already guessed, halos provide the perfect solution in terms of energy consumption. By limiting your lighting capacity during the day and night, you significantly increase your battery life, as well as the lifespan of your headlights. At the same time, you do not suffer from the lack of light, as halos provide sufficient lighting for city drivers.

Angel eyes as a design component

Angel Eyes Headlights

And, of course, there is the style. As it was already mentioned, for some drivers, style considerations are of primary importance. Given that, halo lights can be installed practically on any vehicle, and most car owners can benefit from such an upgrade. Plus, halo lights are typically LED headlights, and LED technology is characterized by the abundance of colors. In other words, halos offer a truly unique chance to customize the look of your vehicle.

Apart from giving your car a unique look and feel, halo headlights ensure a perfect fit. That is, you can easily install them independently. Yet, we would still recommend you to consult an expert, as the installation cost is usually low and you can save a lot of time by entrusting this task to a professional. Since most halos run on LED light, they will serve you for ages. If, by some reason, the lights start to malfunction, you will notice it immediately and will know exactly when replacement is necessary. And, if getting stylish lights is not enough for you, you can always find plenty of other ways to upgrade your vehicle with CARiD, as we have the biggest selection of automotive parts and accessories on http://www.carid.com.